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Amended Date for October 2022 League Meeting

The autumn meeting is now scheduled to take place on Saturday 15th October. A final decision around whether it goes ahead will be made at the June Executive meeting. We are planning to include an update on the Tower Hamlets Town Hall project. The afternoon will be a social one giving people the opportunity to catch up. The venue is yet to be confirmed.

Set 427 (August 1972) Reunion

Set 427 will be holding their 50th Anniversary Reunion on 8th August 2022 at the Griff Inn, Whitechapel (the Student Union building as we knew it). Time to be confirmed but likely from 11.00am onwards. Please join us if you are from our set but make contact with Madeleine Pennock as soon as possible as she needs confirmation of who will attend for purposes of food and wine!

Set 479 Reunion

Set 479 are holding a 40th year reunion on Saturday, January 21st 2023. Contact Alison Rowntree-Taylor for more information.

Set 478 Reunion

Set 478 are planning their 40th anniversary of beginning their training (October 1982) on Saturday October 15th 2022 in Whitechapel. It is hoped to have afternoon tea and a reminisce then walk around the old London Hospital site before having a meal in the evening. Contact  Janet Rutledge for more information or to add yourself to the numbers attending.

Set 508 Reunion

Set 508 are planing a 35th anniversary reunion on October 15th 2022. More details to follow. Please contact Charlotte Elson if you would like to come!

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