Cath Comley - 500 words

A return to the clinical front line

The first inkling that I was going to be more involved with Covid than I had originally thought was when a letter arrived from the NMC. As I left the register five years ago or less would I be prepared to re-join under emergency legislation. Obviously, I immediately said yes and within forty-eight hours had my old PIN number back.

The second thing that happened was that the NHS organisation I work for was asked to lead the community swabbing response. I immediately offered my services because by then it was clear that Covid was going to pose unprecedented challenges to the NHS. Within four days we were undertaking training. The training was for the nurses in the team a refresher of donning and doffing in theatres nearly 30 years ago. Within five days we were running our first drive up swabbing clinic for frontline clinicians and their read more view the pdf

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