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The following is a collection of papers written by former London Hospital Nurses who have shared their memories and experience for other League members to enjoy. A hugh great debt of gratitude is due for their generosity in taking the time to write down their memories

History Shelf

Written by:


50 years of the League

Sheila Collins in 1981

The London Hospital in 1920s & 1930s

Margaret Broadley in 1980

War Years & the introduction of the NHS

Clare Lady Mann in 1980

Nursing at The London in the 1950s

M. Daly & M Stevenson 1980

Nursing at The London in the 1960s

M. Culpeck & M. Crispin 1980

Nursing at The London in the 1970s

J. Robbins & L. Cook 1980

The Symbolic Lamp of Nursing

Dr Mona Grey 2003

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